Sunday, 20 May 2007

Hearts, hearts and more hearts - pass me a sick bucket

DISCLAIMER: These pics are backlogged. I did NOT make all this food at once, in some kind of disgusting fit of sentimentality. Nor am I proud of its "cuteness" factor. I am not a hearts and flowers person, and god knows how I ended up making all this crap. Nevertheless, I thought it best to get all the vom-inducingly adorable food out of the way in one post, and then spend the next few months attempting to repair the damage to my menacing image.

So, on to the nauseatingly nice nosh...


I tried - and failed - to make ravioli with aubergine + mushroom filling. After a frustrating few hours (!) of attempting, it all fell apart, so I combined the filling with harissa, tomato juice and mint and cut the pasta into hearts (again, fuck knows why...) to make this nauseatingly cute dish.


Complete with pink food colouring + 'decorative' (read: pretentious) blood orange slices.


My best friend's birthday present. So it was totally ok to use a heart.

I promise there will be nothing cute or fuzzywuzzy in this blog for a looooong time.

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